How To Fix A Vacuum Cleaner That Overheats

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Seeing smoke? Smelling burnt hair? Hearing the desperate noises of a vacuum cleaner that’s on its last legs about to overheat? We’ve all been there: using one of our beloved appliances when it conks out and leaves us to perform some kind of mechanical miracle to get it going again. If it is your vacuum cleaner that is overheating and providing you with a challenge to get it back on track, here are some simple tricks and tips to fix the problem and potentially prevent it from happening again! The simplest thing to check is of course the bag or canister if your unit has one If the filter bag or canister is too full, it cannot pick up any additional particles and will simply jam or the motor will overheat and shut down. So, when you suspect your unit is about 75 per cent full, empty it! Don’t wait until it’s packed to the brim, clean it out and prevent the breakdown. Next, check all the openings and connections for lodged debris If there is something that has become…

3 Vacuum Necessities If You Have Pets

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Congratulations on becoming a pet parent! You are destined to make many memories with your new four-legged friend! Be ready for unconditional love, and uncontrollable pet hair and messes! Before you let Fido or Fluffy take over your carpets and couches with their fur and hair, be ready to fight back with our top three vacuum must-haves for your pet-friendly household! A Powerful Upright Vacuum! Pet hair cleanup is essentially a daily task. One of the best investments you can make is the purchase of a powerful and lightweight upright vacuum. A great option is the Bissell Pet Hair Eraser with features we love, such as the tangle-free brush roll that won’t shut down due to pet hair overload, the SmartSeal Allergen System with Febreze Pet Odor Eliminator that traps in allergens and eliminates the pet odour as you vacuum, and the additional onboard tools that help you get into smaller crevices to remove the dust and dander that otherwise go unnoticed. Be sure that whatever upright vacuum you select it is lightweight, easy to store, and has great pick…

Best Vacuums For People With Allergies

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If you are someone who suffers from allergies then you know how imperative it is to keep a clean home, free from dust, dirt, dander and other potential allergens. What you may not know is how to choose the best vacuum to suit your needs. We have done some legwork for you and have found the top vacuum cleaners for allergy suffers. The Shark Pet Perfect II If you are looking for a tool that is lightweight, affordable, and will help with day-to-day messes with ease–look no further than the Shark! Its impressive cleaning is good for both carpeted surfaces and hard floors alike. This battery-powered system can be stored on its charging mount and comes with a second battery to extend its life. It also features a spacious dustbin, and rotating brush that adapts for both horizontal and vertical surfaces. Love your pet but want to love your floors too? This vacuum may be for you! Eureka Pet Lover Oh! Another lightweight and easy to use vacuum with a low ticket price is Eureka’s Pet Lover Oh! This upright…

5 Benefits Of A Clean Home

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With the holiday season upon us, it’s more than likely that you will be opening your home to family and friends for festive gatherings! You hang your exterior lights, you put your wreath and tree in place, and your halls are decked – but is your house clean? Aside from the simple fact that we take pride in our homes and want to offer a place people feel safe and comfortable visiting, here is a list of some benefits of a clean home that you may not have even thought of! You will have a clean home. Seems pretty straightforward, right? But seriously–clean begets clean. If you take the time to do a large clean monthly (get rid of the clutter, do the deep cleaning like baseboards and crevices, etc.) it becomes easier to maintain a clean home as the days go on. Plan one day a month or (bi-monthly) to clean from top to bottom, inside out. Once that protocol is in place you will be able manage the smaller day-to-day tasks with greater ease and less effort! Don’t…

Get Your Home Ready To Welcome A New Pet This Holiday

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With the holiday season upon us, little girls and boys all over the world sit down to fill out their special Christmas lists. It is the list topper of many to see a new pet waiting for them Christmas morning. If you are considering bringing home Fido or Whiskers, you need to prepare your home for these new family members first! Put away extraneous items (a.k.a. chew toys or choking hazards). Puppies are like teething babies and will chew anything they find. This means shoes, small game pieces, trinkets, kids toys and more. If you can, put it away! If you don’t want it ruined, put it away! Some pet parents swear by the apple cider vinegar spray that can be applied to surfaces to make them unappealing to tastebuds. This will help with cords to electronics and floor lamps! Get your rugs cleaned! Whether you rent/buy a steam cleaner or have the professionals come into your home, it’s a great idea to deep clean rugs and carpets to remove any smells that may intrigue your new furry friends. This…

Tips For Christmas Tree Care And Post-Holiday Cleaning

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Nothing says Christmas like a beautiful fir or pine tree decked to the holiday nines in your family home. Many people shy away from the “real” tree option when they are unsure of how to care for the green guest over the course of the holiday season. Here are some tips to get your tree to stay in great shape while on display, and how to clean up after the holiday season comes to an end. First, pick the perfect spot for your tree. This should be away from any direct heat sources like vents, portable heaters and electric/gas fireplaces. The heat will cause the needles to dry up and fall out, causing additional mess and work for you! Next, when selecting your tree, make sure the lot cuts the stem down to reduce the sap sealing over the trunk and allow for better home hydration. Then, make sure you have a sturdy base to hold your tree and fill the water reservoir with fresh water. This should be refilled daily to maximize hydration and minimize lost needles, keeping your…

How To Vacuum Hardwood Floors

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If you have beautiful hardwood floors that you would would like to keep in great shape, care for them often. This does not mean you have to treat them with kid gloves and polish them daily, but a little TLC will go a long way and prevent the need for early replacement.     Easy daily maintenance includes removing outdoor footwear when trekking on hardwood, cleaning up stains or spills promptly to avoid hard scrubbing later and proper and regular cleaning, including mopping and vacuuming. Yes, you read that right. Did you know that part of your hardwood floor cleaning routine can include vacuuming? There are many vacuum choices that will allow for safe and effective cleaning of hardwood. It’s best to choose a model that is equipped to handle dirt, dust, pet hair, and small particles common in high traffic areas. While it should be powerful enough to remove this debris, it should be gentle on surfaces. An upright canister or stick vacuum is lightweight and easy to maneuver and store. A cannister vac will be beneficial for cleaning…

Tips For Vacuuming Wool Rugs

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As the leaves start to change colour and the days become shorter and crisper, we tend to spend more time indoors enjoying our creature comforts. Before settling in for the long winter ahead, the fall is a great time to do a thorough home cleaning, including all the little things that get forgotten about during the dog days of summer. Your cozy wool area rugs, perfect for warming cold floors and adding a pop of colour and style to any space, are among the things that must be addressed. When caring for wool rugs, vacuuming is the best way to go—here are a few quick tips to ensure proper steps are being taken to protect your investment.     Get into a routine. To avoid excessive dirt build-up, make vacuuming your area rug part of your weekly or bi-weekly cleaning tasks, depending on how often the area gets used and the amount of traffic it sees. It’s beneficial to vacuum the underside of the rug every couple of months as well. Newer rugs can be vacuumed more frequently than older…

Advantages Of Wet-Dry Vacuum Cleaners

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Wet-dry vacuum cleaners, also referred to as shop vacs, have a simpler design than regular household vacuums, and have fewer features as well, but they have many advantages too. Their simplicity makes them a good tool for those who work with their hands, which is why reputable vacuum brands continue to manufacture them for sale online and at local hardware stores. Here are some advantages to shop vacs that you may not know about. They’re relatively cheap It’s tough to make comparisons between regular vacuums and shop vacuums, because household vacuums are designed with far more constraints (they must be quiet, filter the air efficiently, work with a variety of attachments, etc.)—but the range of prices of decent full-sized wet-dry vacuums on the low end is less than that of comparable household vacuums. They can tackle wet messes Whether you’re sweeping, dusting, or vacuuming, you’ll notice that dirt, dust, and crumbs are easier to remove if they’re dry and not sticky—however, not all messes are like that. For example, if you have a pet that sheds and it leaves behind…

How To Maintain Your Vacuum Cleaner

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The average lifespan of a vacuum cleaner is five to seven years, but the life span can actually be stretched longer with regular maintenance. If you fail to maintain the vacuum, it may break sooner than usual. Here are some maintenance tips to help you get the most out of your vacuum. Check the belt Some vacuums have a variety of heads that can be attached at the nozzle, but most upright vacuums have a motorized brush roll inside the powerhead to assist with suction and controlling the pace of vacuuming. The belt system works by connecting a motor with a brush roll using a flat belt, which can become damaged over time. If you vacuum daily, you may have discovered that this belt can become damaged within months, since it’s exposed to so much wear and tear. Replacing the belt is not difficult to do, but it requires the right screwdrivers and about 20 minutes to complete. Cleaning out the brush roll Sometimes there is a buildup of debris that stops the brush roll from spinning freely; this build-up…