What Are Sebo Vacuums?

Posted on 22 February, 2015 by


Allergies can mean the difference between a relaxing day at home and a stuffy night spent on the couch. Whether you’re looking to keep your home clean for the sake of your health, or you simply want to live dirt-free, a Sebo vacuum can help you achieve your goals! Sebo vacuums are German-designed with patented electrostatic filtration systems. Using statically charged microfibers, the filtration system attracts dust particles from the air stream and bonds them to the fibers. This allows a more free-flowing air stream, therefore better suction, leading to microscopic particles being picked up and contained, not just spreading back into the air and your lungs. Homeowners with asthma, allergies and respiratory problems often notice a decrease in the amount of dust on home surfaces, which helps relieve symptoms of respiratory conditions. The Sebo bag system ensures the dust stays in the bag, making emptying the machine extremely simple and hygienic. S-Class Filtration All Sebo domestic models either come with, or can be easily upgraded to, S-Class. To meet S-Class standards, the filtration system must remove a minimum of…

Are Hoover Carpet Shampooers Worth Buying?

Posted on 08 February, 2015 by


Whether you rent or own your home, you’ve likely had to rent a carpet cleaner or hire a carpet cleaning service. It isn’t enough to only regularly vacuum your carpets no matter which brand of vacuum you use, as dirt, grime and bacteria often live deep within carpets. Carpets should be deep cleaned once a year to ensure long life and to remove deep stains and allergens hiding in the weave, but no matter which way you do it, it needs to get done. Unfortunately for those who need their carpets cleaned in a pinch, this often means having to run from shop to shop to find an available unit. To avoid the hassle of finding and renting a unit, many home owners are now considering purchasing their own carpet shampooer. But is the investment worth it? While renting a carpet cleaner definitely takes less from your pocket right off the bat, it can be more expensive in the long run. Renting a unit costs around $70 per use, not including late return fees and the cost of the cleaner…