What is a Wet/Dry Vac?

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Vacuums can be found in nearly every home today and are one of the most useful devices in every household, yet few of us understand how they work. In particular, the concept of the models that fall under the wet/dry category can be a bit confusing to understand. How exactly can a vacuum suck up water in addition to dry debris, without running the risk of running into a safety hazard? After all, these vacuums are powered by electricity like their standard counterparts, so what is it about their construction that prevents this from being an issue? Wet/dry Vacs Can Do Jobs Regular Vacuums Can’t Otherwise known as shop-vacs, vacuums designed for dry and wet suction are understandably much more versatile than those which are only made for dry use. Not only can they suck up liquid spills safely and quickly, they often feature a much higher rate of suction force as well. In addition, since they are designed for tougher jobs, the hoses on wet/dry vacs are more rugged and durable, thus making it easy to pick up screws,…

How to Maintain Your Vacuum

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Your vacuum cleaner is one of the most frequently used machines in your home; to keep flooring in pristine condition and prevent the buildup of dirt, most homeowners use their vacuums on a daily basis. Although the majority of modern models are made to be low-maintenance, there are a few things you need to do to ensure that dust sucker keeps on sucking for years to come! Routine upkeep is a lot easier with newer, bagless types, but these too require periodic part checks. Since the price of some vacuum cleaners can climb as high as $500 or more, preventative maintenance is all the more important. With that, here is a quick, step-by-step guide you can reference the next time you clean and inspect your vacuum. Make sure the suction stays: must-have vacuum maintenance tips Always unplug the vacuum before servicing We know it is commonsense, but many people have made the mistake of tampering with these devices while they were being powered- a no-no that can quickly lead to injury. Remember, whenever you are dealing with any electrical, the…