Finding the Right Central Vacuum System for your Home

Posted on 31 July, 2015 by


Buying a central vacuum? Get excited for cleaner air, less work, and higher resale value! No matter what unit you choose, make sure its got the suction you need for your cleaning needs and home size. Then you will be better off than with a regular vacuum. As is the case with almost any piece of cleaning technology, certain units will suit your needs better than others. Before purchasing a system, consider the following questions: Should you vent particles to the outside? Some central vacuums need to be vented to the outside, especially ones with a removal filter that will need to be cleaned and washed on an ongoing basis. Remember if you choose one of those types of central units you should consider if you have any space outside your house where no one sits? Can you accept some dirt on your lawn? Is it even possible to vent from where the vacuum unit will be installed to the outdoors? These questions, more than anything, will determine the kind of vacuum that you would like to consider. If you…

Carpet Cleaners VS Vacuums: What Do You Need For Your Home?

Posted on 13 July, 2015 by


When it comes to carpet cleaners or vacuums, in all likelihood, you will probably need both at one point or another. Vacuums are still the best option in the world for general floor cleaning, both for carpet and hard surfaces. They remove more kinds of dirt, and faster, than most available products. However, they still don’t do a complete job. That’s where carpet cleaners come in. Vacuuming At its most basic, a vacuum is a like a straw that someone is sucking on. When dirt is completely loose, it will ride the air into the bag. However there are several factors that make this a difficult task, as there are substances that can make dirt bond with carpet fibers. Oily dirt, in particular, sticks harder than a vacuum can suck. Vacuums use the rotating brush head to dislodge a lot of this dirt, but there is only so much that they can do. In the deeper carpet fibers, dirt and oil build up freely, eventually discoloring your carpet, causing mold and mildew, and wrecking your air quality. That’s where carpet…