Simple Ways to Maintain your Vacuum Cleaner

Posted on 25 August, 2015 by


Since their inception, vacuum cleaners have made household chores easier. They keep everything including your hardwood floors, your carpets, and your blinds clean. In order for your vacuum to keep working to its full potential, you should perform routine maintenance on it. This is something you can do on a lazy Sunday afternoon with little effort. Vacuum cleaner maintenance doesn’t need to be done weekly or even monthly for that matter. Every 2-3 months is perfect for keeping your vacuum running smoothly and doing its job. Before you perform maintenance, make sure your vacuum is unplugged. You do not want to accidentally turn it and cause serious injury to yourself. Here are simple ways to maintain your vacuum cleaner: With bag Check your vacuum’s bag and replace it when it’s full. Depending on the age of your vacuum, bags that are only ½ can cause the device not to function property. Air has to pass through all the dust and debris that has been collecting in the bag so the less full it is, the better your vacuum will work.…

Simple Ways to Clean Your Blinds

Posted on 06 August, 2015 by


They may let in light – or keep it out – but that doesn’t mean your blinds will always remain dust-free. You clean your windowpanes regularly; why not give your blinds a good cleaning too? Most people wash their windows until they sparkle, but often tend to neglect their blinds. Your blinds can be cleaned easily with this popular household tool: your vacuum cleaner. Blinds gather dust, especially when your windows are closed in the winter months. Dust can build up very quickly, but giving your blinds a quick cleaning can get rid of dust and debris. In order to try our simple ways to clean your blinds, you will need your vacuum of course, and its attachments (hose and brush). Most vacuums come with these attachments. If you have an old vacuum, it will not have these features and it’s probably time you bought a newer model to clean your house more easily. For very dusty blinds Step 1: Close the blinds. Step 2: Apply the brush attachment to your vacuum. Check to ensure that your vacuum is on…