5 Homemade Hardwood Floor Cleaning Recipes

Posted on 25 September, 2015 by


Many people are going eco-friendly with their cleaning agents. The harsh chemicals in cleaners aren’t good for your floors or for our bodies. When children are crawling around, it is best to use all-natural homemade cleaners so that you don’t put them at risk of digesting chemicals from cleaning agents. Homemade cleaners also prevent your hardwood floors from wearing too quickly.

Giving Your Hardwood Floors an Eco-Friendly Shine

Posted on 04 September, 2015 by


A lot of people are skipping the harsh chemical enhanced cleaners put out on the market these days and instead, they’re using eco-friendly products or even creating their own cleaning solutions. There are many great recipes out there for those who wish to clean with natural and chemical free ingredients. For hardwood floors in particular, there are several successful recipes that you can easily make at home and use to give your floor a lasting shine. There are many natural ingredients that are actually beneficial to use on your hardwood floors, as chemical filled cleaners could easily dull the hardwood over time. Tea Bags and Warm Water Take a large pot and fill it with water. Get it hot enough so that you can toss in a few tea bags and let them steep. Take the tea bags out and pour the tea into your mop bucket when it is warm rather than hot. Make sure your floors are swept and then begin the mopping process. The tannic acid in the tea will give your hardwood a noticeable shine. Vinegar…