A Quick Guide On Repairing A Vacuum Cleaner

Posted on 16 November, 2015 by


A vacuum cleaner is a critical piece of equipment within the modern home. Without it, dust can quickly accumulate and a once-clean living space can become dirtied over a short period of time. Most homeowners have little understanding on vacuum cleaner repair. They may believe the process is too complex for those with limited technical skill. There are multiple techniques that the average homeowner can now use to ensure their system is repaired and working to peak performance. In this post, we’ll highlight how to repair a vacuum cleaner. For Lost Suction Power, Replace the Belt A vacuum cleaner’s belts are designed to stretch and wear out over time, meaning they’ll eventually require replacement. Most users will discover it’s time to replace their vacuum cleaner’s belt when their vacuum is not picking up well. Fortunately, on some vacuums, the replacement work is quite simple. First, users must access the belt by tipping the system on its side and then removing any screws that hold the bottom plate underneath the cleaner in place. Once the bottom plate is removed, look to…

How Often Do You Need To Change The HEPA Filter In Your Vacuum?

Posted on 10 November, 2015 by


An HEPA filter system can be a critical piece of technology within the average North American home and workspace. It can be used within vacuum cleaners to protect those within the property and to ensure that all elements inside remain free of airborne contaminants. One of the leading questions many property owners have when maintaining their filters is how often the HEPA filters need to be changed. In this post, we’ll answer the question based on expert industry guidance. Commercial Vacuums Should be Checked every Six Months The latest data shows that HEPA filters in commercial vacuum cleaners should be reviewed every six months for any problems. That’s because commercial HEPA filters are often used every day within business spaces. Businesses that use their vacuum system every day should change their filter at least every year to ensure continued filtration performance. Most Residential Filters Can Last Up-To Three Years Homeowners can wait a little longer to replace the HEPA filters in their vacuums, as there is unlikely to be that much dust accumulated over one year. Most residential filters are…