How Often Should Vacuum Bags Be Changed?

Posted on 25 January, 2016 by


Many people have a vacuum cleaner that they use at least once a week, but they have no idea how often to change the bag. Ideally, they’d turn to the vacuum cleaner manual, but a majority of people lose them or throw them away before they’re needed. To better help answer your questions surrounding your vacuum needs, we’re letting you in on our insider information regarding vacuum bags! So the big question remains: When do you need to change your vacuum bags? If the indicator light is on Many vacuums now come with an indicator light to let you know when the bag needs to be changed. Miele vacuums are one brand that provide this feature. however, some brands recommend that users should still change the bag if it seems too full, regardless of whether the indicator light is on or not. If the vacuum smells bad This is most people’s tip-off as to whether a vacuum bag is full or not. If you start smelling a foul, musty smell coming from the bag, it’s time to change it. Some…

Your Guide To Finding The Perfect Vacuum Cleaner

Posted on 04 January, 2016 by


A good vacuum cleaner should last a long time, do its job properly, and be a safe and sensible addition to the family home. But you shouldn’t just pick a random one off the shelf – you should look at the design of your house and the frequency of your cleaning and choose one accordingly. Here are a few considerations you need to keep in mind when deciding which vacuum will be best for your home’s needs: Do you vacuum every day? If you do, you’re going to want an impressive, long-lasting and powerful vacuum model. Cordless vacs are very big right now as they spell an end to tangled wires, but not all of them provide enough power for a whole-house every-day vacuum without needing to be charged. When buying one, make sure it has more going for it than just 20-30 minutes of power. Do you have a big house with lots of carpets? Lucky you! But you’re going to need to put a lot of work into keeping them clean. An upright vacuum cleaner may be best…