7 Features You Want Your Vacuum Cleaner To Have

Posted on 25 March, 2016 by


When shopping for a vacuum cleaner there are certain features you would want your vacuum cleaner to have. These days vacuums come with many advantages and features (although not all of them may be necessary) so it is best to look at your particular situation and determine which features best serve you and your home. If you have young children and/or pets, the features of your ideal vacuum cleaner might be different from someone who does not. However, there are also features that are good for all vacuum cleaners to have. Here are a few of the most important ones: Suction Power and Capacity Does your vacuum cleaner have a lot of suction power? How much dirt can it hold before the bag or filter needs to be replaced? If your home is prone to being messy all the time (and this can happen with pets or kids) then you would want to think about this when looking for a vacuum. Energy Efficiency This is a pretty good feature to have, especially nowadays when energy and environmental conservation have become…

What To Look For In Energy Efficient Vacuums

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Energy efficient vacuums do not only help you save money but they also help to preserve the environment. When shopping for energy efficient vacuums, there are some characteristics you should keep a lookout for. Other important features may not be directly related to energy efficiency, but rather to your own personal preference. Energy Efficiency Label or Rating The manufacturer usually specifies how energy efficient the vacuum cleaner is. This may come in the form of electricity usage or a particular rating given by a government or environmental agency. The lower the wattage use, the more efficient it is. Upright or Cylinder Most vacuum cleaners come in the form of either upright or cylinder models. Upright models clean more efficiently and can function on multiple surfaces. The drawback, however, is that they are heavier and do not have much of a reach. Cylinder models on the other hand are lighter and much more manoeuvrable. But on the downside, they tend to use large motors and so are not as energy efficient. Filtration Vacuums suck in alot of dust, but many of…