Get Your Home Ready To Welcome A New Pet This Holiday

Posted on 26 December, 2016 by


With the holiday season upon us, little girls and boys all over the world sit down to fill out their special Christmas lists. It is the list topper of many to see a new pet waiting for them Christmas morning. If you are considering bringing home Fido or Whiskers, you need to prepare your home for these new family members first! Put away extraneous items (a.k.a. chew toys or choking hazards). Puppies are like teething babies and will chew anything they find. This means shoes, small game pieces, trinkets, kids toys and more. If you can, put it away! If you don’t want it ruined, put it away! Some pet parents swear by the apple cider vinegar spray that can be applied to surfaces to make them unappealing to tastebuds. This will help with cords to electronics and floor lamps! Get your rugs cleaned! Whether you rent/buy a steam cleaner or have the professionals come into your home, it’s a great idea to deep clean rugs and carpets to remove any smells that may intrigue your new furry friends. This…

Tips For Christmas Tree Care And Post-Holiday Cleaning

Posted on 05 December, 2016 by


Nothing says Christmas like a beautiful fir or pine tree decked to the holiday nines in your family home. Many people shy away from the “real” tree option when they are unsure of how to care for the green guest over the course of the holiday season. Here are some tips to get your tree to stay in great shape while on display, and how to clean up after the holiday season comes to an end. First, pick the perfect spot for your tree. This should be away from any direct heat sources like vents, portable heaters and electric/gas fireplaces. The heat will cause the needles to dry up and fall out, causing additional mess and work for you! Next, when selecting your tree, make sure the lot cuts the stem down to reduce the sap sealing over the trunk and allow for better home hydration. Then, make sure you have a sturdy base to hold your tree and fill the water reservoir with fresh water. This should be refilled daily to maximize hydration and minimize lost needles, keeping your…