Best Vacuums For People With Allergies

Posted on 23 January, 2017 by


If you are someone who suffers from allergies then you know how imperative it is to keep a clean home, free from dust, dirt, dander and other potential allergens. What you may not know is how to choose the best vacuum to suit your needs. We have done some legwork for you and have found the top vacuum cleaners for allergy suffers. The Shark Pet Perfect II If you are looking for a tool that is lightweight, affordable, and will help with day-to-day messes with ease–look no further than the Shark! Its impressive cleaning is good for both carpeted surfaces and hard floors alike. This battery-powered system can be stored on its charging mount and comes with a second battery to extend its life. It also features a spacious dustbin, and rotating brush that adapts for both horizontal and vertical surfaces. Love your pet but want to love your floors too? This vacuum may be for you! Eureka Pet Lover Oh! Another lightweight and easy to use vacuum with a low ticket price is Eureka’s Pet Lover Oh! This upright…

5 Benefits Of A Clean Home

Posted on 02 January, 2017 by


With the holiday season upon us, it’s more than likely that you will be opening your home to family and friends for festive gatherings! You hang your exterior lights, you put your wreath and tree in place, and your halls are decked – but is your house clean? Aside from the simple fact that we take pride in our homes and want to offer a place people feel safe and comfortable visiting, here is a list of some benefits of a clean home that you may not have even thought of! You will have a clean home. Seems pretty straightforward, right? But seriously–clean begets clean. If you take the time to do a large clean monthly (get rid of the clutter, do the deep cleaning like baseboards and crevices, etc.) it becomes easier to maintain a clean home as the days go on. Plan one day a month or (bi-monthly) to clean from top to bottom, inside out. Once that protocol is in place you will be able manage the smaller day-to-day tasks with greater ease and less effort! Don’t…