Which Central Vacuum Should I Buy?

Posted on 02 May, 2016 by


Customers find themselves confused these days about which central vacuum they should buy due to huge price differences when comparatively, the units look the same. Although the differences might not be apparent to the visual appearance of a central vacuum unit, its components definitely are. The problem is customers become confused when they see big numbers for power with a low price. In this article we hope to provide some basic information that will help educate the buyer and hopefully take away the marketing confusion. If you’ve been looking for a central vacuum, you no doubt have encountered the many brands out there using ‘airwatt’ motors. Consumers should not base their purchase on airwatts as the smaller, cheaper motors are the high airwatt motors out there and unfortunately many customers have been fooled and ultimately disappointed when basing their decision to purchase solely on that. There are three styles of motors that are being used today in the central vacuum industry. Tangential Bypass motors Flow-Thru motors Periperhal Bypass motors The higher-end central vacuums use the Tangential By-Pass motors which use…

What To Look At When Choosing A Central Vacuum System

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Choosing the right central vacuum system calls for a very close scrutiny of what exactly you want and how well the options presented to you can satisfy it. Below are a few aspects and factors relating to central vacuum cleaners that you need to consider before deeming a selection final: Horsepower This is the capacity of the vacuum cleaner’s motor. Horsepower measurement in different vacuum cleaner brands vary and this depends on the voltages and temperature variations. While the horsepower is vital feature to consider, it does not really give a perfect measure of the unit’s efficiency; you need to consider other factors. HEPA Filtration Another feature to examine before settling on a product or brand is the capacity of the HEPA filter. Some brands will come with HEPA filters in their filtration mechanism while others won’t. Some of the most recommendable brands provide for outside venting, which basically means directing the exhaust air outside the house. The Power Unit A central vacuum system has its most important aspect in the power unit. The unit houses the motor and has…

Benefits of a Central Vacuum

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Keeping your house free from dirt is the best way to keep your home comfortable and your family healthy. When it comes to vacuum cleaners, there is a wide range of options to choose from. But have you considered using a central vacuum? Most homeowners are unaware that this option is even available. You might not be familiar with it or assume that your house isn’t fit for installing a central vacuum system. But the benefits of a central vacuum are worth considering, and most North American homes can accommodate central vacs! They can save you time and money, while making it easier to keep your home clean all year round. Convenience of a Central System The convenience of a central vacuum can’t be beat. If you’ve ever had to vacuum your home, then you know how hard it is to move your vacuum from room to room. You might have to carry it up and down a flight of stairs. This requires more work. Traditional vacuums also make it difficult to vacuum small areas. A central vacuum makes it…