7 Benefits Of Steam Cleaning Your Home

Posted on 08 August, 2016 by


While you may be used to using various chemical-based cleaning products in your home, you shouldn’t underestimate how well the power of steam can get your home looking squeaky-clean. There are lots of reasons for going with steam over harsh chemicals – the environment being one – and the beautiful thing is that you won’t have to sacrifice cleaning power, since steam really gets down deep and does a great job at cleansing and sterilizing. What follows is a list of seven benefits to steam cleaning your home. Better for the Environment: By steam cleaning your home, you’ll be able to leverage the power of water to sterilize. Using bleach or some other harsh cleaning products may do a good job of disinfecting and cleaning, but they’re not so good for the environment. So, be a good steward for the environment and see how steam can get the job done in a harm-free way. Multi-Surface Usability: One of the benefits of steam cleaning your home is that you’ll be able to clean just about every type of surface type from…

What is a Monster Steam Mop?

Posted on 06 March, 2015 by


In the past, cleaning your floors often involved lots of water and/or harsh chemicals, but this isn’t the healthiest or most environmentally friendly way to disinfect our homes. It’s also not the best method of cleaning for our homes and tends to cause damage or wear and tear to some flooring materials. For these reasons, the steam mop was invented. Instead of using harsh chemicals to get your floors their cleanest, steam mops heat water to very high temperatures, softening and removing dirt without scrubbing. Designs of steam mops can vary greatly but the Monster Steam Mop is designed specifically to produce a drier steam which prevents leftover moisture that may cause damage to wood surfaces or leave smooth tile slippery and dangerous. This is achieved by using a stainless steel boiler capable of withstanding high temperatures to heat the water to an impressive 130°C. Because this steam mop operates at such a high temperature, energy efficiency was a big concern but the developers took this into consideration and made this unit highly energy efficient. A built-in thermostat controls the…