A Quick Guide To Vacuum Pumps

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Vacuum pumps come in a range of sizes and functionalities and are used in a wide range of commercial, industrial and personal applications. They are one of the most vital components in your vacuum and different styles are better suited to different jobs. Below are a list and explanation of some of the common vacuums which use different styles of pump. Upright. Upright vacuums are without a doubt the most common style of vacuums found in most homes today. They typically come with a foot lever that you can press to adjust the angle of the machine and are a great option if you don’t want to (or can’t) bend over while vacuuming. Canister. Canister models are also quite popular and provide some additional manoeuvrability with the separate canister that you can lift up and take around the house with you. They are the best option for working on stairs because of their mobility and extendable wand. They are lighter than uprights, but still generally weigh around 8 pounds. Robotic vacuums. These vacuums may seem like a novelty, but they…

7 Features You Want Your Vacuum Cleaner To Have

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When shopping for a vacuum cleaner there are certain features you would want your vacuum cleaner to have. These days vacuums come with many advantages and features (although not all of them may be necessary) so it is best to look at your particular situation and determine which features best serve you and your home. If you have young children and/or pets, the features of your ideal vacuum cleaner might be different from someone who does not. However, there are also features that are good for all vacuum cleaners to have. Here are a few of the most important ones: Suction Power and Capacity Does your vacuum cleaner have a lot of suction power? How much dirt can it hold before the bag or filter needs to be replaced? If your home is prone to being messy all the time (and this can happen with pets or kids) then you would want to think about this when looking for a vacuum. Energy Efficiency This is a pretty good feature to have, especially nowadays when energy and environmental conservation have become…

What To Look For In Energy Efficient Vacuums

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Energy efficient vacuums do not only help you save money but they also help to preserve the environment. When shopping for energy efficient vacuums, there are some characteristics you should keep a lookout for. Other important features may not be directly related to energy efficiency, but rather to your own personal preference. Energy Efficiency Label or Rating The manufacturer usually specifies how energy efficient the vacuum cleaner is. This may come in the form of electricity usage or a particular rating given by a government or environmental agency. The lower the wattage use, the more efficient it is. Upright or Cylinder Most vacuum cleaners come in the form of either upright or cylinder models. Upright models clean more efficiently and can function on multiple surfaces. The drawback, however, is that they are heavier and do not have much of a reach. Cylinder models on the other hand are lighter and much more manoeuvrable. But on the downside, they tend to use large motors and so are not as energy efficient. Filtration Vacuums suck in alot of dust, but many of…

How To Keep A Vacuum Cleaner Smelling Fresh

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Your vacuum cleaner sucks up all kinds of dirt and debris to keep your home clean, so it’s no wonder that it could get a little funky smelling from time to time. A bad odour from your vacuum cleaner can come from many things, including: Organic material (IE food) Pet hair Excessive dust We’re taking a look at some of the ways to keep your vacuum cleaner smelling fresh, and functioning perfectly. Check the bag If your vacuum cleaner uses a bag, changing the bag could be the key to eliminating any foul odours. Vacuum cleaner bags have “pores,” and the more you use the vacuum, the more clogged they become. These bags are disposable, and should be replaced as often as needed. Bags that become too full will also impede the functionality, and lifespan, of your vacuum cleaner. If you are using your vacuum for only regular household dust and dirt, the bag should be changed once it’s ¾ full. However, if you’re doing more heavy-duty cleaning, following a renovation for instance, the bag should be changed once it’s…

Six Tips To Steam Clean Your Mattress

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Mattresses collect dirt just like any other material or surface in your home, except they are way harder to clean. After all, you can’t just toss your mattress in the wash, and vacuuming won’t do anything to remove stains and deep dirt. Over time, mattresses also accumulate an alarming amount of dust mites, which feed off dead skin cells; something we definitely do not want to be sleeping on top of. It’s time to give your mattress the deep clean it needs, and to do so you’ll need to steam clean it. A clean mattress and sheets can improve not only your peace of mind, but your sleep as well. Here are some tips to get the best possible clean: Choose the Right Steam Cleaner A steam cleaner is a great investment. Not only can you use it to clean mattresses, but you can use it for rugs, sofas, and other upholstered furniture. For steam cleaning a mattress, you’ll want to make sure you have a carpet glide attachment to get the best possible clean. Check out the Vacmaster’s selection…

How Often Should Vacuum Bags Be Changed?

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Many people have a vacuum cleaner that they use at least once a week, but they have no idea how often to change the bag. Ideally, they’d turn to the vacuum cleaner manual, but a majority of people lose them or throw them away before they’re needed. To better help answer your questions surrounding your vacuum needs, we’re letting you in on our insider information regarding vacuum bags! So the big question remains: When do you need to change your vacuum bags? If the indicator light is on Many vacuums now come with an indicator light to let you know when the bag needs to be changed. Miele vacuums are one brand that provide this feature. however, some brands recommend that users should still change the bag if it seems too full, regardless of whether the indicator light is on or not. If the vacuum smells bad This is most people’s tip-off as to whether a vacuum bag is full or not. If you start smelling a foul, musty smell coming from the bag, it’s time to change it. Some…

Your Guide To Finding The Perfect Vacuum Cleaner

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A good vacuum cleaner should last a long time, do its job properly, and be a safe and sensible addition to the family home. But you shouldn’t just pick a random one off the shelf – you should look at the design of your house and the frequency of your cleaning and choose one accordingly. Here are a few considerations you need to keep in mind when deciding which vacuum will be best for your home’s needs: Do you vacuum every day? If you do, you’re going to want an impressive, long-lasting and powerful vacuum model. Cordless vacs are very big right now as they spell an end to tangled wires, but not all of them provide enough power for a whole-house every-day vacuum without needing to be charged. When buying one, make sure it has more going for it than just 20-30 minutes of power. Do you have a big house with lots of carpets? Lucky you! But you’re going to need to put a lot of work into keeping them clean. An upright vacuum cleaner may be best…

What To Look At When Choosing A Central Vacuum System

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Choosing the right central vacuum system calls for a very close scrutiny of what exactly you want and how well the options presented to you can satisfy it. Below are a few aspects and factors relating to central vacuum cleaners that you need to consider before deeming a selection final: Horsepower This is the capacity of the vacuum cleaner’s motor. Horsepower measurement in different vacuum cleaner brands vary and this depends on the voltages and temperature variations. While the horsepower is vital feature to consider, it does not really give a perfect measure of the unit’s efficiency; you need to consider other factors. HEPA Filtration Another feature to examine before settling on a product or brand is the capacity of the HEPA filter. Some brands will come with HEPA filters in their filtration mechanism while others won’t. Some of the most recommendable brands provide for outside venting, which basically means directing the exhaust air outside the house. The Power Unit A central vacuum system has its most important aspect in the power unit. The unit houses the motor and has…

How To Fix A Vacuum Cleaner With No Suction

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When your vacuum stops sucking dust, dirt and debris, a very likely cause is a blockage or clog somewhere.

A Quick Guide On Repairing A Vacuum Cleaner

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A vacuum cleaner is a critical piece of equipment within the modern home. Without it, dust can quickly accumulate and a once-clean living space can become dirtied over a short period of time. Most homeowners have little understanding on vacuum cleaner repair. They may believe the process is too complex for those with limited technical skill. There are multiple techniques that the average homeowner can now use to ensure their system is repaired and working to peak performance. In this post, we’ll highlight how to repair a vacuum cleaner. For Lost Suction Power, Replace the Belt A vacuum cleaner’s belts are designed to stretch and wear out over time, meaning they’ll eventually require replacement. Most users will discover it’s time to replace their vacuum cleaner’s belt when their vacuum is not picking up well. Fortunately, on some vacuums, the replacement work is quite simple. First, users must access the belt by tipping the system on its side and then removing any screws that hold the bottom plate underneath the cleaner in place. Once the bottom plate is removed, look to…