How Often Do You Need To Change The HEPA Filter In Your Vacuum?

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An HEPA filter system can be a critical piece of technology within the average North American home and workspace. It can be used within vacuum cleaners to protect those within the property and to ensure that all elements inside remain free of airborne contaminants. One of the leading questions many property owners have when maintaining their filters is how often the HEPA filters need to be changed. In this post, we’ll answer the question based on expert industry guidance. Commercial Vacuums Should be Checked every Six Months The latest data shows that HEPA filters in commercial vacuum cleaners should be reviewed every six months for any problems. That’s because commercial HEPA filters are often used every day within business spaces. Businesses that use their vacuum system every day should change their filter at least every year to ensure continued filtration performance. Most Residential Filters Can Last Up-To Three Years Homeowners can wait a little longer to replace the HEPA filters in their vacuums, as there is unlikely to be that much dust accumulated over one year. Most residential filters are…

5 Homemade Hardwood Floor Cleaning Recipes

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Many people are going eco-friendly with their cleaning agents. The harsh chemicals in cleaners aren’t good for your floors or for our bodies. When children are crawling around, it is best to use all-natural homemade cleaners so that you don’t put them at risk of digesting chemicals from cleaning agents. Homemade cleaners also prevent your hardwood floors from wearing too quickly.

Giving Your Hardwood Floors an Eco-Friendly Shine

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A lot of people are skipping the harsh chemical enhanced cleaners put out on the market these days and instead, they’re using eco-friendly products or even creating their own cleaning solutions. There are many great recipes out there for those who wish to clean with natural and chemical free ingredients. For hardwood floors in particular, there are several successful recipes that you can easily make at home and use to give your floor a lasting shine. There are many natural ingredients that are actually beneficial to use on your hardwood floors, as chemical filled cleaners could easily dull the hardwood over time. Tea Bags and Warm Water Take a large pot and fill it with water. Get it hot enough so that you can toss in a few tea bags and let them steep. Take the tea bags out and pour the tea into your mop bucket when it is warm rather than hot. Make sure your floors are swept and then begin the mopping process. The tannic acid in the tea will give your hardwood a noticeable shine. Vinegar…

Simple Ways to Maintain your Vacuum Cleaner

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Since their inception, vacuum cleaners have made household chores easier. They keep everything including your hardwood floors, your carpets, and your blinds clean. In order for your vacuum to keep working to its full potential, you should perform routine maintenance on it. This is something you can do on a lazy Sunday afternoon with little effort. Vacuum cleaner maintenance doesn’t need to be done weekly or even monthly for that matter. Every 2-3 months is perfect for keeping your vacuum running smoothly and doing its job. Before you perform maintenance, make sure your vacuum is unplugged. You do not want to accidentally turn it and cause serious injury to yourself. Here are simple ways to maintain your vacuum cleaner: With bag Check your vacuum’s bag and replace it when it’s full. Depending on the age of your vacuum, bags that are only ½ can cause the device not to function property. Air has to pass through all the dust and debris that has been collecting in the bag so the less full it is, the better your vacuum will work.…

Simple Ways to Clean Your Blinds

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They may let in light – or keep it out – but that doesn’t mean your blinds will always remain dust-free. You clean your windowpanes regularly; why not give your blinds a good cleaning too? Most people wash their windows until they sparkle, but often tend to neglect their blinds. Your blinds can be cleaned easily with this popular household tool: your vacuum cleaner. Blinds gather dust, especially when your windows are closed in the winter months. Dust can build up very quickly, but giving your blinds a quick cleaning can get rid of dust and debris. In order to try our simple ways to clean your blinds, you will need your vacuum of course, and its attachments (hose and brush). Most vacuums come with these attachments. If you have an old vacuum, it will not have these features and it’s probably time you bought a newer model to clean your house more easily. For very dusty blinds Step 1: Close the blinds. Step 2: Apply the brush attachment to your vacuum. Check to ensure that your vacuum is on…

Finding the Right Central Vacuum System for your Home

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Buying a central vacuum? Get excited for cleaner air, less work, and higher resale value! No matter what unit you choose, make sure its got the suction you need for your cleaning needs and home size. Then you will be better off than with a regular vacuum. As is the case with almost any piece of cleaning technology, certain units will suit your needs better than others. Before purchasing a system, consider the following questions: Should you vent particles to the outside? Some central vacuums need to be vented to the outside, especially ones with a removal filter that will need to be cleaned and washed on an ongoing basis. Remember if you choose one of those types of central units you should consider if you have any space outside your house where no one sits? Can you accept some dirt on your lawn? Is it even possible to vent from where the vacuum unit will be installed to the outdoors? These questions, more than anything, will determine the kind of vacuum that you would like to consider. If you…

Carpet Cleaners VS Vacuums: What Do You Need For Your Home?

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When it comes to carpet cleaners or vacuums, in all likelihood, you will probably need both at one point or another. Vacuums are still the best option in the world for general floor cleaning, both for carpet and hard surfaces. They remove more kinds of dirt, and faster, than most available products. However, they still don’t do a complete job. That’s where carpet cleaners come in. Vacuuming At its most basic, a vacuum is a like a straw that someone is sucking on. When dirt is completely loose, it will ride the air into the bag. However there are several factors that make this a difficult task, as there are substances that can make dirt bond with carpet fibers. Oily dirt, in particular, sticks harder than a vacuum can suck. Vacuums use the rotating brush head to dislodge a lot of this dirt, but there is only so much that they can do. In the deeper carpet fibers, dirt and oil build up freely, eventually discoloring your carpet, causing mold and mildew, and wrecking your air quality. That’s where carpet…

What’s The Best Cleaning Method For Your Carpet?

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There are many different ways to keep your carpet clean, but what’s the best method for your carpet and household needs? Deciding which cleaning method is best for your floors not only keeps your carpet looking great, but it also extends its life and value over time. The following are the best cleaning methods for your carpet to help you get the best results. Basic Maintenance One of the best ways to keep your carpet clean is to vacuum it on a regular basis. This reduces the amount of dirt that settles deep down into the flooring. Small pieces of debris cause damage to carpet and make it look worn and aged. Regular weekly vacuuming prevents the damage to the carpet fibers and helps it last much longer. Shampoo Cleaning Shampooing uses a cleaning solution that’s best applied with a carpet shampoo machine. The rotary equipment penetrates deep into the carpet fibers. The Hoover carpet shampoo unit is an easy to use do-it-yourself unit, which operates much like an upright vacuum. Simply fill the top tank with hot water from…

Steam Mops 101: What to Know Before Buying

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Steam mops are an effective way to keep your floors clean. They provide a superior alternative to using a standard mop and remove the dirt and bacteria often left behind after traditional cleaning methods.  But choosing a steam mop that meets the needs of your home can be difficult! Knowing what to look for before buying will provide better results and protection for your floors. Steam Mop Essentials Steam mops work by lifting the dirt from floors using a steam with high temperatures to eliminate the bacteria that can build up over time. Steam mops work according to their shape. You can clean corners with a steam mop that has triangle mop head, and some steam mops even use a flexible swivel head that makes it easy to clean other hard-to-reach areas. It also uses a microfibre cloth that helps trap the debris. This cloth can last longer than other materials and is easily washed for use. The Benefits of the Steam Mop The use of steam mops has increased due to the benefits it provides. Steam mops are safer to use…

What is a Wet/Dry Vac?

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Vacuums can be found in nearly every home today and are one of the most useful devices in every household, yet few of us understand how they work. In particular, the concept of the models that fall under the wet/dry category can be a bit confusing to understand. How exactly can a vacuum suck up water in addition to dry debris, without running the risk of running into a safety hazard? After all, these vacuums are powered by electricity like their standard counterparts, so what is it about their construction that prevents this from being an issue? Wet/dry Vacs Can Do Jobs Regular Vacuums Can’t Otherwise known as shop-vacs, vacuums designed for dry and wet suction are understandably much more versatile than those which are only made for dry use. Not only can they suck up liquid spills safely and quickly, they often feature a much higher rate of suction force as well. In addition, since they are designed for tougher jobs, the hoses on wet/dry vacs are more rugged and durable, thus making it easy to pick up screws,…