Seeing smoke? Smelling burnt hair? Hearing the desperate noises of a vacuum cleaner that’s on its last legs about to overheat?

Fix An Overheated Vacuum

We’ve all been there: using one of our beloved appliances when it conks out and leaves us to perform some kind of mechanical miracle to get it going again. If it is your vacuum cleaner that is overheating and providing you with a challenge to get it back on track, here are some simple tricks and tips to fix the problem and potentially prevent it from happening again!

  1. The simplest thing to check is of course the bag or canister if your unit has one
  2. If the filter bag or canister is too full, it cannot pick up any additional particles and will simply jam or the motor will overheat and shut down. So, when you suspect your unit is about 75 per cent full, empty it! Don’t wait until it’s packed to the brim, clean it out and prevent the breakdown.

  3. Next, check all the openings and connections for lodged debris
  4. If there is something that has become caught in the hose in another part of the system, the airflow will be reduced and can cause overheating and a shut down. Clear out hoses, attachments, and brushes of any hair, dirt, and debris. This will allow for restored airflow and should get things going again.

  5. Check for damaged parts
  6. Make sure there are no cracks or broken belts impeding the system from running optimally. Whether it’s damage or time that causes a breakdown, belts will need replacing to prevent overuse on the motor.

  7. Check the filter
  8. Did you know that the air filter is used to filter the air and purify it of dust, allergens, and other particles? As these build up over time, the filter becomes clogged, if too clogged, again the machine can shut down. Make sure to clean or replace your filter depending on your unit’s requirements. Always check your owner’s manual for best care instructions. General maintenance can prevent overheating and add longevity to your system!

If all these steps are checked, your vacuum should be up and going in no time at all! If it’s more than an issue of simple overheating, feel free to contact us to help you troubleshoot your current device or help you select a replacement machine that suits all your cleaning needs!