With the holiday season upon us, little girls and boys all over the world sit down to fill out their special Christmas lists. It is the list topper of many to see a new pet waiting for them Christmas morning. If you are considering bringing home Fido or Whiskers, you need to prepare your home for these new family members first!

Welcome Home

  • Put away extraneous items (a.k.a. chew toys or choking hazards). Puppies are like teething babies and will chew anything they find. This means shoes, small game pieces, trinkets, kids toys and more. If you can, put it away! If you don’t want it ruined, put it away! Some pet parents swear by the apple cider vinegar spray that can be applied to surfaces to make them unappealing to tastebuds. This will help with cords to electronics and floor lamps!
  • Get your rugs cleaned! Whether you rent/buy a steam cleaner or have the professionals come into your home, it’s a great idea to deep clean rugs and carpets to remove any smells that may intrigue your new furry friends. This may reduce the chance of their marking or spraying to claim their territory. This may be the perfect time to invest in a good quality steam cleaner and vacuum or two-in-one system. Pets come with their supply of hair and accidents. Be prepared and have reliable options for cleaning at your fingertips!
  • Replace your furnace filter! Start fresh with a new filter to help ensure pet dander and hair is properly filtered while keeping your home’s air system clean and safe.
  • Consider a gate! If there are specific rooms you want kept pet-free, consider a child safety gate to help block off access to these rooms. This preventive measure will help establish boundaries and reduce the chance of frustration, mess and destruction.
  • Talk to your family! Getting a pet is a major responsibility. It is not a gift for the holidays to be played with and left in the corner for the next big thing. Be sure everyone in the home understands their role in caring for your new friend. They need meals, entertainment, walks (if they are dogs) and lots of love. Be sure you can provide a happy and healthy home before taking the plunge!

Congrats on the new family addition should you choose to go forward with your furry friend. Be sure to follow the tips above and check out our line of vacuums to help make your life a little less ‘hairy’!