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Customer Testimonials

I ordered a Canavac central vacuum from Vacmaster and I needed a person to replace my old unit.  They gave me the number for Jason, one of their employees who recently moved to Calgary.  He came out to my house and did such a fantastic job, I just want to let everyone know in the Calgary area about his services.  He really knew what he was doing, and was right on time with the arrangement I had made with him for a reasonable price.  You can contact Jason at 403-973-5292.

Sue Miller, Calgary Southeast

Purchased the Sebo E2 canister and I love it.  With having mostly bare floors and dust allergies, I haven't had a vacuum clean like this one, and it's so quiet.  I can vacuum anytime without waking up the kids, which I do daily.


Barb Cook

I purchased the Enviromate E3 with the boiler. Works great on the stone and ceramic floors, which I have all throughout my main floor.  Very happy I buy this steamer.

Maria Borge

Purchased the Sebo Electric package and its the best powerhead I have ever owned!


The Monster EZ-1 is the best steamer for use on my hardwood floors.  I had bought another one and it was ruining my floors from the wetness, so I tossed it.  The sales guy in the Vacmaster store showed me how steam comes out but it's like a dry steam so it won't damage my floors.  My floors look so good now.  I LOVE it!

Jennifer F.

Ordered the Sebo D4 canister vacuum because Vacmaster recommended it as having the best powerhead on the market, with one click removal of the whole brushroll for easy cleaning of hair.  I wish I knew about this vacuum before as I have 4 german shepherd dogs and it is the ONLY vacuum I have ever bought that can pick up the hair like magic.

Greg Brown

This is the shop to go to if you want fast and friendly service. I thought I was going to have to order the parts I needed but they had everything in stock.


After researching several central vacuum brands with my husband, I called around to get more information. Vacmaster not only spent time with me on the phone but knew about all the brands I was asking about. Other stores cut me off and weren’t interested in speaking to me. Vacmaster never pressured me into buying their product (Canavac), but I felt comfortable that the Canavac brand they sold was the best. I had also read a lot of good things online about their nice staff which I found to be true because of my personal experience.


Dealt with Vacmaster for 3 vac systems now each time we’ve moved. Their staff is friendly and very helpful and will guide you through installing yourself. I live in NB now but still bought my central vacuum from them and had it shipped to me. They have the best prices and the best service!


Went to Vacmaster because my vacuum had no suction so I thought the motor was gone. Joe detached the hose and unclogged the hose right on the spot. I was so happy with the honesty of showing me that I didn’t need a new vacuum. I would highly recommend this store.

R.M. Regis

  • Had the motor in my Eureka central vacuum changed on the same day as they had the motor in stock.  The service person tested my unit on the spot in front of me to show me the problem.  I was very happy with...

    Danny Mallinos
  • Fast and quick service to fix my central vacuum hose and powerhead.  I really thought I had to buy a new set.  I didn't realize that I needed to shut off the hose switch when I disengage the powerhead,...

    Josie Fung, Markham
  • I drove in from Oshawa because I heard from my friend that the service at Vacmaster was really good.  Joe tested the unit on the spot and showed me that the motor was burned out.  He had the...

    Monica Rego
  • Brought my hose into Vacmaster today because I thought it might be clogged.  They tested it for me at no charge right on the spot, and found there was no clog.  Now I'm booking a service call to have my...

  • My old Hoover model central vacuum died after only 3 years and I was never happy with the suction.  Joe, one of the salesmen at Vacmaster recommended for me to install the Canavac LS750...

    Kathy Lake

The Best Vacuum For People With Pets

Posted by thevacmaster on 27 Jun 2016

They can be fluffy, cuddly and lovable, but they can also be messy. Pets are great companions, but they can come with complications. From unpleasant odours to mountains of hair, cleaning up after these family members can get tiresome and aggravating. But there are things to make clean up a lot easier. ...

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